Fan Art Friday – Tinkerbell step by step


I start with a very messy underdrawing with Prismacolor Col-erase pencil.
At this stage it is rough shapes and guidelines to build out the structure.
Key parts of the under structure are the center S-line, center and eye lines on the face, hip and shoulder lines.


Using the same col-erase pencil I do a firmer more detailed drawing.


Using a graphite pencil (I use the Palomino Blackwing series) I draw the more final lines.
The basic colouring here is optional and mostly depends on how I feel at the time.


Now I move over to the light table (aka my glass-topped dining table with a lamp underneath it) so I can ink it onto a better quality paper (this time it was Canson 220 but I have a few papers I like).


The inked piece. I generally leave the eyelashes until after I colour since sometimes the markers smudge the ink.


Flat colours with some blending on the cheeks and highlighting on the lips.
I used the following COPIC markers – YR000 B02 G02 Y13 R24 R29


I shade with darker colours from the same colour set – YR01 B05 G05 Y15


At this point I added the eyelashes as well as a little line weight to the bottom lip and under the chin.
I also added a line of light blue (COPIC BG10) to the inside of the wings.


Now using COPIC pica glitter pens I added a yellow outline around Tink as well as a basic border to the page.
I also went over the wing lines with a black glitter pen.


The finished piece.
Unfortunately the glitter pens don’t show up well when scanned but it does look quite sparkly in person.

Until next time…


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