#MerMay Round Up


#MerMay was an art project started by Tom Bancroft where a ton of us artists posted a daily mermaid picture on social media, mostly on instagram.

Here’s my 31 mermaid pics, scanned better than the photos I posted on insta…

If any of these pics take your fancy, they’re all available in my store.

(BTW, if you like the top pic, there’s a “shell-less” version on my patreon)

MerMay2016 01 MerMay2016 02 MerMay2016 03 MerMay2016 04 MerMay2016 05 MerMay2016 06 MerMay2016 07 MerMay2016 08 MerMay2016 09 MerMay2016 10 MerMay2016 11 MerMay2016 12 MerMay2016 13 MerMay2016 14 MerMay2016 15 MerMay2016 16 MerMay2016 17 MerMay2016 18 MerMay2016 19 MerMay2016 20 MerMay2016 21 MerMay2016 22 MerMay2016 23 MerMay2016 24 MerMay2016 25 MerMay2016 26 MerMay2016 27 MerMay2016 28 MerMay2016 29 MerMay2016 30 MerMay2016 31


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