about me

My name’s Rob, I’m a decent writer and average artist but I get more joy out of my creative pursuits than anything I get paid real money for. That really is the one thing that drives me is this need to be a storyteller, even when I’m not working on something for “public consumption” I’m usually playing out a story in my mind, some might just call me imaginative or a day-dreamer but I’m going to stick with storyteller.

I’m a 33 year old guy who is a bit of a Taylor Swift fan (okay more than a bit), has a bizzare fascination with fairy tales and Disney movies,  thinks Scooby Doo is awesome and have a singing voice like a tiger choking on a duck.

I live a little bit north of Brisbane, not far from Redcliffe where I was born, it’s a nice enough place to live. They call Queensland the Sunshine State but it rains quite a bit, I don’t mind I like the rain (it’s probably a Pisces thing).

My life is okay, I suppose.

I work a job I don’t particularly like for less money than I’d like but I suppose that’s true for most people.

I have a small handful of friends, their awesomeness makes up for the small number, I much rather having a few good, real friends over a large number of “friends”, I just wish I got to spend more time with them but life and work seems to make our get-togethers fewer and farther between.

My family are good people, they’ve taught me to be a good person, which I think is the most important thing a family can do.

Things that inspire me:
Taylor Swift, music (punk/rock/country), comics (DC mostly), Disney, fairy tales, martial arts, surfing, 80s movies, 80s cartoons, my cool but insane friends, my less cool but insane family, random musings on life.

My Life Goals:
Make a living as a writer.
Learn to draw well.
Spend more time with my friends.
Meet my hero Billy Connolly.
Be interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres.
Spend a week at a Buddhist temple.
Meet interesting people in unexpected places.
Get to see more of my favourite bands in concert.
Go surfing in Hawaii.
Draw an official B&V comic cover variant or pin-up page.
Meet Taylor Swift and be not at all surprised to find she is every bit as wonderful as she seems.
Marry Taylor (because hey I have to dream).

And just for the hell of it here’s a couple lists of my favourite things:
1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
2 The Princess Bride
3 Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
4 Soul Surfer
5 Stripes
1 Taylor Swift
2 Paramore
3 New Found Glory
4 Tonight Alive
5 Cherri Bomb


2 responses to “about me

  1. Thank you for liking my work, I appreciate it.

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