Art Store



A4 starting from $40

A3 starting from $80

All starting prices are for one or two characters with no/limited background. Any extras such as additional characters or backgrounds will be added for a reasonable price.
For final pricing quote, please contact me at, remember to put commission in the subject line.

Examples of past commissions:
com_indigofury Com_Shepps_Angela Com_Shepps_Corinne Com_Shepps_Paul

Notes on commissions:

I’m reasonably open minded and rather fond of pin-up art (cheesecake or beefcake) however I refuse to do nude or overly sexualized art of copyrighted characters. This is mostly due to my desire not to get my butt sued by the big studios.

Besides the above note on copyrighted characters I (for my own personal reasons) won’t draw:


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