Art of Swifty

Just a collection of my artistic tributes to my saving grace, Miss Taylor Alison Swift…

sketch_taylor_02 sketch_taylor_03 Untitled-Scanned-01 Untitled-Scanned-02 20130629-230452.jpg ACEO_TaylorSwift_1 ACEO_TaylorSwift_2TS_CMA2013 TS_portrait01 TS_portrait02 TS_portrait03 TS_Dancing TS_RealLifePrincess TS_SwiftyShock xmas2013_Swiftmas TS_turtle TS_portrait05 TS_GonnaBeAlright_Edit ts_dietcokecat TS_portrait06TS_SwiftySaturday_01TS_SwiftySaturday_02TS_SwiftySaturday_03TS_SwiftySaturday_04TS_SwiftySaturday_05TS_SwiftySaturday_06TS_SwiftySaturday_07TS_SwiftySaturday_08TS_SwiftySaturday_09TS_SwiftySaturday_10TS_SwiftySaturday_11TS_SwiftySaturday_12TS_SwiftySaturday_13


And I’m sure more will come as time goes on…


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