Flying Tigers

Taken from the journal of Harli Dust, this is the story of her final year at highschool as she and her friends try to navigate that transition between child and adult. Life at seventeen is hard enough but, when you add in martial arts rivalries and a budding surf career, 2012 is going to be a year Harli and her friends never forget.

Maelstrom Heart

The year is 2413 and punk-rock band Maelstrom Heart are taking their music to the stars, embarking on their first headlining tour of the Aurora System.
For the band and their friends this is a dream come true and a chance to show the worlds what they can do.
But what should be a time of fun and excitement for the young rockstars soon takes a dangerous turn. A shadowy force is following them, attacking their fans and threatening to engulf their world in Darkness.
Can Maelstrom Heart find the Light?